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Screen-Shot-2015-07-10-at-10.11.50-AMOh no Chlorine!!! What do I do???!!!

Summer is here and we all beat the heat, especially in Texas, by jumping in the pool. If proper hair care isn’t taken you can sometimes end up with an unappealing hue and buildup. It isn’t easy being green—especially if your once-pristine highlights are starting to take on the tint. Whether you’re a highlighted blonde or completely natural, the risk of chlorine-green strands and chlorine buildup is a very real one in the summer. You know those public pools just pour it in!


Why does this happen?

When chlorine enters your hair shaft, traces of copper in the water stick to the proteins in your strands and oxidize, causing the color to form. Copper is introduced via algicides and binds to hair after being oxidized by chlorine. Luckily, the shift in shade is very easy to fix, meaning you don’t have to work an accidental lime green hue for the rest of the season.


Here are a few tips on how to remove chlorine build up:


Shower and shampoo your hair immediately after swimming. For most people this will be an effective way to prevent chlorine buildup.



Make a baking soda solution.

Baking soda will effectively remove chlorine and other chemicals from your hair.



  • You can make a solution with one tablespoon (15 grams) baking soda to one cup (250ml) water, or a paste with one tablespoon (15 grams) baking soda and just enough water to make a paste.
  • Wash your hair with the baking soda solution. Your hair may feel a bit slimy when shampooing, that means it’s working.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly, and then follow your normal hair-care routine.


Apple Cider Vinegar


  • Do not use shampoo with the ACV, simply wash with the vinegar, rinse with water and leave to dry. I would use conditioner to soften, as the vinegar will definitely have a drying effect.




Amazing products to help remove chlorine:


Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner


Ultra Swim Chlorine Removal Shampoo



How to use:


  • If swimming 5-7 days use 2 times a week.
  • If swimming 1-4 days use once a week.



For those of you who may not know yet, I am moving from Waterstone Salon on July 18th and starting at Sabia on July 21st. I first wanted to thank Waterstone for providing me with such a beautiful and fun home for the past 7 years. I have truly grown there and I really appreciate it. Secondly I want to thank all my beloved clients. Without all of my loyal loving gals and guys I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for all your trust throughout the years and I will always continue to grow for you and with you. Thank you all for the overwhelming support, without it; this would be a very hard transition.


We are all striving to make this move as streamlined as possible so I have already transferred all future appointments to our new booking system (we have online booking and social media as well!!) starting on the 21st. For all booking needs I can be reached from any one of the links below.


I’m very excited for my move. I plan on acquiring an assistant to help my growing business and me. I’m looking forward to having an educator role again. Sabia boasts a variety of amazing products for hair, skin, face and nail care. I will be working directly with Kevin Murphy Products and I know you will love them too!


Contact and Booking:

1213 West 5th Street, Suite B1

Austin, TX 78703

Phone: (512) 469-0447



TEXT ONLY (512) 905-4959

I love what I do and I hope you do to!!!


Purple is Jennifer’s Passion so we thought it would be the perfect accent to her over all color. We had been doing all over color on her for a while now and she was so ready for something fun and new. She’s a mother of 2 and this lady is fine as wine! We ran with that as our inspiration! We decided to do some balayage highlights on her all over color to break up the color with a soft and natural flow. From what we know, color doesn’t lift color, so bleach had to be our boss for this round. With the bleach hand painted on we processed her for about 30 minutes just to get it to the orange stage. Anything darker wouldn’t really pop that purple and anything lighter is just plain taking it too far for what we are doing. No need to damage hair for no reason- knowledge not all hairdressers have FYI. After rinsing her out and drying her we did an all over root touchup with her regular medium brown color, which kept a depthy look at her root, and then grabbed the Pravana Vivid Color which is a direct deposit only. Direct dyes are not mixed with peroxide and fade pretty fast, as they are usually just a surface stain. I used a mixture of deep purple, violet and magenta to create a shade I couldn’t resist and I knew she would love. Jennifer works a 9-5 so it had to be professional and fun at the same time. We added just enough pop of bright purple, and produced and all over glazing effect it had on the previous brown. We are so in love with what we did and it’s very easy to retouch as well. Classy and Fun- I knew it could happen!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Jennifer!


I love what I do and I hope you do too!


We added Gold and Copper to her hair while doing an all over glaze for the base as well. She wanted her hair to be warmed up a bit, soft and natural with a bit of pop. Her natural level of hair is that of a 6 with about 40% grey. She doesn’t just want those to be blended out so we chose to do a natural 6 glaze in a demi-permanent to blend those out. Around the sides of her hair we layed in a thick weave pattern but again in a natural way. We did this throughout her middle and saved the top for a different pattern. We placed the highlights in the same way that you would do for a piece look but I knew that the way her hair layed that it wouldn’t look chunky. I alternated the gold and copper for a soft effect that you could see but that isn’t too chunky. I love how warm and rich it is now. Her before photos were almost 100% her natural color and just very dull and washed out. I love what I do and I hope you do to!