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I gave Samantha a rich hair color using chocolate and chestnut tones. We use her previous highlighted hair as the highlights for the new color. We used 2 different levels or shades with the same tonality to achieve this result. I rooted her 2 shades darker then her ends to ensure the depth shines through and doesn’t get lost with just one all over color.

Single Process Color: Schwarzkopf

Insurance: Olaplex

Location: Sabia Apothecary 




Depth & Movement were created for Jean by doing a medium brown base color, a dark ash brown lowlight and doing balayage on the front hairline. This created extra depth and kept it fresh and bright around her face! I cleaned up her cut by using a soft blunt texture that can be worn straight or curled and look fantastic!

Balayage and Base Color: Wella

Lowlights: Schwarzkopf

Insurance: Olaplex

Location: Sabia Apothecary 


Texture & Color was created using a hand painting technique called Balayage on Kathryn. She was beyond thrilled to have a more current modern hair color.

Balayage used : Freelights by Wella

Glazing: Redken

Insurance: Olaplex



Hello ladies!


I’m going to be starting something new. I will begin blogging every week instead of randomly and singular with 1 person. I will now talk about the week and how it went. I will present new styles I see and trends as they evolve. Some weeks will be better than others but it is part of my success and education journey I am taking with myself. Its therapeutic to look to the past and see what you can change or grow from. Even if its growing out an old cut or growing into a new one.


This past week was one of those weeks where it just seemed everything I touched turned to gold. I love my job and even though there is the ever-present stress of doing the perfect job, I make myself smile and giggle with joy every day. I am always refining my craft and I am learning new tricks every day- even after 15 years! I’m so grateful the game always changes and being on the tip of it takes work and some serious studying, it pays off on the regular behind the chair.


This week I will present photos of different colors and tones with the same similarity of mixing foiling techniques with balayage. I am seeing the trend of ombre move back into soft highlights but with the ends retaining that lightness. To achieve this look you must combine the 2 techniques. Think that perfect beach blonde, or perfect soft sun kissed brunette. Subtlety up top with the pop of color or brightness at the mid-shaft to the ends. My new favorite thing to achieve the best color possible is to get rid of that dark underneath. It’s a thing of the early 00’s. Lets all do a simple movement, a few packets underneath and brighten up that hairline!! When you do this, it brings a pop of brightness as you push your hair to the front and puts a modern edge to your current hair color . Now who doesn’t want that?!!!!! 


I love what I do and I hope you do too!


Foiling & Coloring: Schwarzkopf & Wella 

Glazing and Toning: Redken Shades EQ

Location: Sabia Apothecary 


Review from Jean Barton:

“Girl!  I have gotten 500 compliments on my hair this week!  All day every day. So fucking great!  You nailed it! CUT!  And color bitch!  You’re killin it!?????”





Balayage is a skill! I will give the French a nod. For the blonde look I used a combination of foils to create a soft highlight or babylight (otherwise known as a fine weave) and then did balayage the ends to add the extra pop around the face and the tips. Having darker ends is a thing of the past. The current trend is soft and natural up top for a natural look and ease of grow out, with the ends becoming gradually lighter. Theses 2 techniques combined and placed in the perfect spots gives you that look!

For the brunette I did a single process color for depth at the root area and hand painted or balayaged the ends. I used a glaze to cancel out any unwanted excess warmth at the end and added tons of shine.

I love what I do and I hope you do too!