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My first topic of my new blog is Peek-a-boo color!!!

I had a really great week, I started off going to visit my dear friend Rudolph Leon-Guerrero, master hairdresser, in Kerrville on Monday. We did a surprise photo shoot on this beautiful 17 year old woman who will go to college to become a mortician. I think that is super duper cool and she will be great at it! I was informed that she had virgin hair (hairdressers dream platform) so that made me smile super hard. She showed up and she said, well I did put black on it about a month ago but it’s all gone now. Ummmmmm, no its not!!!! What most people do not understand is that your hair has history. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING you put on your hair will still be present as the years go on, unless you shave it off and start from scratch. So with that being said I had to do a test swatch to see if that pigment would move. I did so with a high lift tint, which isn’t supposed to eat thru pigment, but with that black not appearing to be present I went ahead and tried to see if it would move (sometimes it does- tricks you acquire with time behind the chair). I usually save bleaching for the last resort and considering this was supposed to be an easy day I wasn’t really in the mood to do the hardest task, a color correction, for free! Test swatch proved to barely move, time to break out the bleach. The AHHH HAAAA moment happened. My color line just put out a new series of reds, red violets, coppers etc. that eats through previously colored hair and deposits at the same time. Time to experiment that is what models are for right?!!! Schwarzkopf is my color line so I ran to Kerrville’s Armstrong McCall and grabbed me some red and red violet. I layered in a star packet formation to create splashes of peek-a-boo color so it had a soft look that is a bit hidden. When she turns her head, looks up or down or around you see that beautiful perfect color spill. It did exactly what I hoped for and now I carry the entire L series in my cabinet at work. Total game changer!!!!!!! We did our shoot outside with just our IPhones and it was so much fun, and easy and I have forgotten what collaboration with a master cutter feels like!!! I cut extremely well but this guy is a hair guru for sure. Future work will be had!