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Clair has the best haircolor and haircut to suit her lifestyle and needs. It’s just the right amount of everything in all the right spots. It had been awhile so we just gave her a cut today, about 2 inches off the entire thing. We kept her front fringe (bang) swoopy, soft, and sexy just like she likes it. It’s the perfect combo of professional and flirty all wrapped up in a nice little package. Her highlights were not done today, but we did do a refresher base bump about 1 week ago. A base bump does exactly like what it says it does, it bumps her base up about 1-1.5 levels so that she doesn’t have any harsh lines of demarcation as it grows out. A little trick of the trade to get you to your next color appointment so the root line doesn’t look like a skunk stripe. Ladies with blonde on blonde, even if it is a darker blonde base, this is essential for beautiful affordable maintained color. Claire’s got the best attitude and is smart as a whip! Love this woman and her golden blonde locks!





Balayage Ombre at its finest! Today I met Alicia and she had requested for her hair to be ombre style. She also needed her roots touched up as well. Her before photos is what she came in with and what she was asking for was very realistic. It’s so nice when people have real expectations for their hair and I know 100% that I can meet them. She had a bit of brightness already in the front section of her hair, so my main concern was getting those ends brightened up to match. Her entire back section of hair was pretty much one color. We touched up her new growth with a single process dark golden blonde and balayaged her ends with some lightner. We finished this off with a nice Olaplex treatment and gave her a smooth style out. We both were really happy and think it looks very sun kissed and natural.


I love what I do and I hope you do too!



Today I unpacked all of my belongings as I left my last salon, Waterstone, of 7 years to relocate to a new space that would let me grow even further. I plan on taking my career to the next level and I’m not sure what that looks like right this second but I can see the final outcome in the end. It will be a long, new, fun, and exciting journey with all sorts of probable hiccups and bumps along the way that I’m even looking forward to!


My feelings about leaving my last salon are very bitter sweet. One of my dearest life long friends owns the space and it will be so strange to not see her 5x a week. I have developed such wonderful relationships with my coworkers and not hearing their laughs every day defiantly yields a layer of sadness, but we all will move on. After all, we aren’t dead; we just aren’t under the same roof anymore.


I’m looking forward to the next journey and I’m so thankful to all my clients, friends, and family who are supporting me down this road. I’m scared and excited all wrapped up in a package! Good things have been happening and I can sense great things are just around the corner!


Thank you for being part of my family and I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family:




For bookings you can do them via phone or online. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Phone (512) 469-0447

1213 West 5th Street, Suite B1

Austin, TX 78703


My prices will stay the same and if you need any further assistance, have any other questions, or want to just say hi, you can contact me anytime.

(512) 905-4959






From brown to blonde bombshell in 1 day! Stephanie came in with brown hair and soft golden blonde highlights and wanted to be a platinum blonde babe with lavender peekaboo color. I foiled her hair with soft and natural but visible highlights and then balayaged her ends with a soft bleach formulation. I knew at one point she had previous all over color so we had to go in with the right tools. When I removed her foil packets and rinsed out her ends I realized that that previous color was still in there pretty hard. I told her that it was a bit brassy and we needed to go back in one more time to make the ends as light as the root and midshaft. The previous all over color was still there making my life a bit harder. She then informed me that she did Henna color about 3 years ago! Well, henna is a vegetable stain and if you ever want to change your color it is best to NEVER DO HENNA! EVER!!! I was happy to see it not only moved but felt confident that one more round would budge it just enough. We were only off by about 1 – 1.5 shades so it was a pretty easy fix. I reapplied a soap cap mixture with Olaplex in it so that it didn’t create any extra damage. I watched it closely and then rinsed and glossed to add shine and even out the color from root to end. I am very happy with her final result and I am so happy I had the time to do it right! She went from her previous color to her blonde bombshell with a haircut in 4 hours! Oh, the lavender turned out to be more of a rose color-, which we both actually liked better then what we had in mind. I’m so happy that she is laid back and understands that sometimes life takes a bit longer, and that colors sometimes turn out a bit different then expected. I asked her if she wanted to add the lavender during our second round and she said she really liked the rose and wanted to stick with it. I love perfect accidents and I love her open mind to the change! So much fun on such a lovely Sunday!



Natalie’s long hair is still very long even after we made a huge cut! She showed me a picture of a woman with hair around her collarbone but isn’t quite ready to remove that much length. After doing a fast root bump, we cut off about 4-5″ of length. She loves her long hair and taking it from the top of her rear to the middle of her bra strap still makes her feel like its long. She said in about 2 months she would be ready to go for the gusto! Till then……………..