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Charlotte wanted some extra bold blonde pieces framing her face so we decided to go in and give her some balayage blonde ends with some softer blondes and copper tones at the roots and throughout for dimension. I’ve been doing her hair for about 13 years now so I had to really work hard to make her before photos look awful- we both were giggling trying to get the shots. We keep her natural color underneath to add depth and dimension. Her natural color is the perfect deep brown so it works really well with golden blondes and copper we mix with it. I foiled her hair alternating between the gold and copper and after that was done carefully picked up pieces that were left out in the front area to balayage those ends a bit brighter. She said to me, “What are you doing? – I’ve never seen that before”. This was fun to then educate her on what Balayage was, how long it had been around and that Americans were just now really getting hip to the way colorists color hair in France. Its nice to be able to do new things and wow friends after 13 years! After we rinsed and dried she had such a huge smile on her face and told me how it was exactly what she wanted! We have great communication and such a long friendship so her hair is really easy for me to make just perfect!



Before and After Blonde Dimension. She came in with dark ashy roots, grown out all over blonde with blonde highlights. It was time for her maintenance. We did a partial highlight with a super power light blonde powder with a blue tint to it. Having a blue or violet base cancels out any unwanted yellow tones as it lifts at the same time. Yellow is her natural remaining pigment and we definitely do not want to see those tones. After lifting to a pale chick yellow we rinsed out her hair and towel dried it. This allows for the next step to lift a bit but not bite down too hard on its undertone, which is ASH. I choose ash to cancel out again the unwanted yellow tones that will show through when lifting. This goes on super fast and only processes for about 5 min. If left on too long, the highlights that I just did, will pick up on that ash color and turn green- which is not a cute look. We removed the color, shampooed, conditioned and blew her dry. Viola! Beautiful blonde on blonde hair color with soft but noticeable dimension.




“Before & After” – Session was over Lindsey decided it was ready to let go of all that heavy feeling she had from work and cut off about 5″ in for a light, fresh, new modern sexy lob/bob. She is feeling fresh, bouncy and her hair looks so much thicker now! We used sheers for her hair because she has very fine hair, not thin. Those are two very different things. We cut her fine her with a blunt edge but gave texture by point cutting every piece. I didn’t want to loose that strength with a super wispy razor bob. You have to cut according to hair type and I knew that this would produce exactly what she wanted. She texted me later that evening to let me know she was loving her new bob/lob. We finished her off with a 1″ curling iron by Hot Tools in a soft barrel curl to give her to coveted beach waves that are just too hot right now to handle. This hot tamale is ready for the rest of summer!



We took her from a very blonde to a more natural sun kissed golden blonde with dimension galore! This is how her hair looked as a child and we keep it this natural look by adding in a medium golden chocolate brown low light combined with a soft, very soft weave of beige blonde and paint a bit of medium golden blonde just at the root area where the hair parts. This creates a very soft root area. I add the low lights thru the interior only to create that depth and shine. We alternate the low lights depending on what her lifestyle is at the moment. Today she came in with a very monochromatic color. She lost all dimension while having a stellar vacation at the beach. Yes, the sun bleached out her hair and we had to set it straight. With my technique her grow out is amazing at every 8 weeks for maintenance! We love how her hair looks like all she does is swim and play outside. You want child like hair, this is your how to for sure!!!