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Balayage Blonde Dimension

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Charlotte wanted some extra bold blonde pieces framing her face so we decided to go in and give her some balayage blonde ends with some softer blondes and copper tones at the roots and throughout for dimension. I’ve been doing her hair for about 13 years now so I had to really work hard to make her before photos look awful- we both were giggling trying to get the shots. We keep her natural color underneath to add depth and dimension. Her natural color is the perfect deep brown so it works really well with golden blondes and copper we mix with it. I foiled her hair alternating between the gold and copper and after that was done carefully picked up pieces that were left out in the front area to balayage those ends a bit brighter. She said to me, “What are you doing? – I’ve never seen that before”. This was fun to then educate her on what Balayage was, how long it had been around and that Americans were just now really getting hip to the way colorists color hair in France. Its nice to be able to do new things and wow friends after 13 years! After we rinsed and dried she had such a huge smile on her face and told me how it was exactly what she wanted! We have great communication and such a long friendship so her hair is really easy for me to make just perfect!