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We developed this hot pink blush blonde ombre’ textured bob from the lovely Emily that came in today with roots that were about 1.5″ long and her natural level being that of a medium brown or natural level 5 as we call it in our industry. We had finally grown out her entire underneath section of hair that we had colored black about a year or 2 back. She was ok with growing it out vs. stripping out the color so to save me some extra work. Emily has the hair of a unicorn, she is constantly evolving and we have done just about every shade in the entire color spectrum. We started doing pink awhile back and guess what… IT STUCK!!!! Every time she comes in, about 6-7 weeks, the pink is still vibrant. I told her on her last visit that her spirit color is PINK!  She came in for a long appointment time so we could get creative and have some fun. She wasn’t booked for a haircut but the first thing she said when she sat down was “my hair is too much, cut it off”. So, with time in mind, I did have someone coming in after her, I pulled out my feather razor, grabbed a fresh blade and started to cut the image in my head. I already had a color map in my mind so now I had to cut the shape to accentuate that color and make it shine. I usually never do a crazy cut and color on one person so I knew already that I wanted her cut to be softer and sexier with the color being the bold WOW aspect to her hair. I razored her hair into a short to long wispy feathery LOB aka LONG BOB and then preceded to color her hair. We did the underneath, which was now virgin, a fiery level 7 copper tone. Did a bleach retouch with Olaplex and then backcombed diffused the Special Effects Pink Flamingo color. Special Effects is the best direct dye and unfortunate the company is going out of business so I’m pretty sure Emily bought every last tube they had. (Amazon) While she was processing I had a light bulb moment to try a new shade that was living in my head. I asked her if I could do this shade without really knowing the outcome and she said, “sure, go for it, you always do great work!” I mixed up my blush concoction that everyone seems to be obsessing over and it turned out beautiful. I was so pleased with Emily’s’ cut and color, it was a beautiful day.


I love what I do and I hope you do to!



Saturday, June 20th, I had a new client come in for a Hair 911 mega EMERGENCY color correction. She was a new client and whomever she saw did about 6 steps too many for her desired look. The last hairdresser deposited pigment, removed it with bleach, deposited again and then highlighted and a few other things beyond that. Say Whaaaa?!!!!!! She was also told by the woman, which literally dropped my jaw, to go home and drink a glass of wine!! Who does that? She did a total of 7 steps and this poor woman was a hot mess with some brassy hot roots. Hot roots in the industry is when the root area is lighter then the mid shaft and ends. Her roots seemed to glow from across the room. The rest of her hair was a greenish drab dull color and her ends were over processed. The only positive thing about this woman is her tremendously great attitude about it all. I think we both knew that we made a perfect match. Im usually booked out about 1.5 months but I had a cancelation right before she called, the stars seemed to align, and she snagged that time slot.  She got super lucky! We did a really quick fix, went about 1 shade darker and more neutral on her root area, this not only deposited some pigment but also neutralized the brassy tones that were previously there. It still had warmth but warmth and brass are 2 very different things. We deposited a soft golden blonde thru her midshaft and ends to create a very soft, we call it Sombre look. We also did an Olaplex treatment on her to restore strength and shine. Both her and myself were very happy and we look forward to our relationship growing! My favorite words to hear from a new client are “Where have you been all my life?”. Music to my ears. This was a fabulous Before & After Color Correction!!!!