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Today we did a before and after red refresh and pattern relocation on my sweet friend Katie. Katie and I go back to beauty school and she is a retired hairdresser. Now she is a busy mom of two, a schoolteacher, and badass wife so we don’t get to see each other very much. She decided she wanted to go ahead and come in for an overhaul. She had previous professional color that was very lackluster and grown out. She knows my work very well and just sits down and says, “Work your magic!” Such a delight to know that someone has that much trust and faith in your skills so I decided to do a fun pattern on her using bold deep cherry cola reds for her perimeter, intense pops of peek-a-boo blonde panels and a fiery red copper for her all over color. All of these tones play really well with one another give the best contrast and the best complimentary tones as well. I had so much fun giving her fiery hair and loved being able to have creative control as well. I love doing reds and coppers and do not have the opportunity to play with them as often. I love what I do and I hope you do too!




Jessica’s’ effortlessly beautiful strawberry blonde babylights are here! First, let me tell you what a treat it was to do her hair! Not only is she the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting but she also had virgin hair! OMG VIRGIN HAIR!!!! Ladies- that is a stylist dream client. I especially loved her look because she really just wanted to stick 1 toe in the color/highlights department. I will never push anyone in the pool, I will always go slightly on the softer side so you come back begging for more! I knew this was my opportunity to dazzle her and make her love coloring her hair. During our consultation she told me she definitely wanted to see a change but not something she had to maintain every month or 2. Consultations are such a huge part of my job and I make sure every single person, no matter how long I know them, we always talk about color before any service is performed. So, with knowing what Jessica wanted I decided to do some bigger internal pieces alternating a soft golden blonde and a medium copper blonde creating texture and a blend of both colors which creates a soft strawberry tone. If you are not familiar with how color works, especially blondes, you might not know what blonde hair is transparent. This means that if you have blonde and put copper near by, it will look strawberry. Another example is if you have blonde hair and you put black behind or beside it, it will look grey. So I swapped between the gold and copper pretty heavy on the internal sections and then ombre’d the ends in the front only with the blonde so her tips in the front were nice and bright! On the top section of the hair, where the maintenance would be found, we did soft babylights (aka fine weave highlights) so her grow out would be very minimal. With this look she will be able to easily go 2-6 months between services. I really love how her came out and I asked her if what we did reminded her of her childhood hair and she said it did. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out, and now her hair matches!

Ps., best massage therapist ever!!!!!!!




Grace came in and wanted blonder hair so we decided to do a blonde on blonde look to achieve a softer look that will grow out less harsh then an all over platinum tone. She sat in my chair and had medium golden blonde chunky highlights that were very pretty but she was in search of something a little bit brighter. Her natural color is level 5 bordering on level 4 ash brown. She has youth and beauty on her side, so NO, was not anywhere in my vocabulary for taking her lighter. We decided to go in with a soft approach to her hair, making some pops of bright blonde around the face, and keeping it a little softer and more natural through out. I gave her the platinum blonde in her highlights and used a soft ash base bump to lift her natural level about 2 shades lighter and expose that NRP of gold. The combination of the platinum blonde highlights with the single process base lift gave her a beautiful blonde on blonde look. We kept her natural color underneath to give her even more dimension and texture. After we got done we curled her hair with a 1 ¼” barrel hot iron all curling in the same direction and brushed it out with a soft boar bristle brush. We finished with my new “go to” favorite product, by KevinMurphy, called Shimmer Shine and viola! Perfect beautiful blonde on blonde hair that is healthy, easy to manage and has tons of shine!





Amy came in today for Balayage. She had no color on her hair (all virgin hair!!!!!!) which is a colorists dream! She just wanted something that was easy to maintain and looked natural. She said during our consult that she really liked the colors she had as a child. Her natural undertones are very warm, from copper to gold and deep red tones. Super easy to achieve when lightning so I really just let her hair do all the work. We lifted out her natural color with Wella Freelights, a soft bleach that is intended for the balayage technique. It creates a shell around the hair while inside the product is eating away at her natural pigment. Chomp chomp chomp! After about a 30 min process time we rinsed out her hair and glossed with a beautiful golden level 8, aka medium blonde, mixed with a little bit of beige to neutralize any unwanted brassy tones. We kept it gold and very warm but that is very different from brassy hair. Her final look was tre chic! She now has gorgeous, beautiful, balayaged highlights that will grow out fantastic as well. With this color she is looking at a 6 month retouch!




Savannahs hair before was 1 round of balayage and she has wanted to slowly go lighter over time but with a soft and natural look so we decided to continue on with the balayage technique. Her ultimate goal is to be a soft golden blonde with less of the all over dark color she used to do. After 2 rounds we are getting really close. She now resides at a softer base chocolate tone with dark and light golden blonde streaks throughout. She had been doing all over dark brown for a very long time and just wants to go a little softer for her upcoming wedding and just life in general. She looks great either way but I definitely like seeing some lightness around her face and tons of dimensions running throughout as well. After we hand painted, Olaplexed  and processed, we glossed with a neutral blonde to soften any unwanted brassy tones that appeared during the lightening process. Her final result is a warm golden effect, which suits her very nicely. Her grow out is amazing due to the hand painting and she waited about 5 months before coming back in. I have her scheduled to do balayage again in 4 months so she will be lighter and even brighter for her big day!!!! So excited to watch this progress, every time is different from the last. The evolution of balayage is too fun!