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Before & After Blonde Dimension



Before and After Blonde Dimension. She came in with dark ashy roots, grown out all over blonde with blonde highlights. It was time for her maintenance. We did a partial highlight with a super power light blonde powder with a blue tint to it. Having a blue or violet base cancels out any unwanted yellow tones as it lifts at the same time. Yellow is her natural remaining pigment and we definitely do not want to see those tones. After lifting to a pale chick yellow we rinsed out her hair and towel dried it. This allows for the next step to lift a bit but not bite down too hard on its undertone, which is ASH. I choose ash to cancel out again the unwanted yellow tones that will show through when lifting. This goes on super fast and only processes for about 5 min. If left on too long, the highlights that I just did, will pick up on that ash color and turn green- which is not a cute look. We removed the color, shampooed, conditioned and blew her dry. Viola! Beautiful blonde on blonde hair color with soft but noticeable dimension.