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Sun kissed Golden Blonde



We took her from a very blonde to a more natural sun kissed golden blonde with dimension galore! This is how her hair looked as a child and we keep it this natural look by adding in a medium golden chocolate brown low light combined with a soft, very soft weave of beige blonde and paint a bit of medium golden blonde just at the root area where the hair parts. This creates a very soft root area. I add the low lights thru the interior only to create that depth and shine. We alternate the low lights depending on what her lifestyle is at the moment. Today she came in with a very monochromatic color. She lost all dimension while having a stellar vacation at the beach. Yes, the sun bleached out her hair and we had to set it straight. With my technique her grow out is amazing at every 8 weeks for maintenance! We love how her hair looks like all she does is swim and play outside. You want child like hair, this is your how to for sure!!!