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Purple Passion


Purple is Jennifer’s Passion so we thought it would be the perfect accent to her over all color. We had been doing all over color on her for a while now and she was so ready for something fun and new. She’s a mother of 2 and this lady is fine as wine! We ran with that as our inspiration! We decided to do some balayage highlights on her all over color to break up the color with a soft and natural flow. From what we know, color doesn’t lift color, so bleach had to be our boss for this round. With the bleach hand painted on we processed her for about 30 minutes just to get it to the orange stage. Anything darker wouldn’t really pop that purple and anything lighter is just plain taking it too far for what we are doing. No need to damage hair for no reason- knowledge not all hairdressers have FYI. After rinsing her out and drying her we did an all over root touchup with her regular medium brown color, which kept a depthy look at her root, and then grabbed the Pravana Vivid Color which is a direct deposit only. Direct dyes are not mixed with peroxide and fade pretty fast, as they are usually just a surface stain. I used a mixture of deep purple, violet and magenta to create a shade I couldn’t resist and I knew she would love. Jennifer works a 9-5 so it had to be professional and fun at the same time. We added just enough pop of bright purple, and produced and all over glazing effect it had on the previous brown. We are so in love with what we did and it’s very easy to retouch as well. Classy and Fun- I knew it could happen!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Jennifer!


I love what I do and I hope you do too!