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For those of you who may not know yet, I am moving from Waterstone Salon on July 18th and starting at Sabia on July 21st. I first wanted to thank Waterstone for providing me with such a beautiful and fun home for the past 7 years. I have truly grown there and I really appreciate it. Secondly I want to thank all my beloved clients. Without all of my loyal loving gals and guys I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you for all your trust throughout the years and I will always continue to grow for you and with you. Thank you all for the overwhelming support, without it; this would be a very hard transition.


We are all striving to make this move as streamlined as possible so I have already transferred all future appointments to our new booking system (we have online booking and social media as well!!) starting on the 21st. For all booking needs I can be reached from any one of the links below.


I’m very excited for my move. I plan on acquiring an assistant to help my growing business and me. I’m looking forward to having an educator role again. Sabia boasts a variety of amazing products for hair, skin, face and nail care. I will be working directly with Kevin Murphy Products and I know you will love them too!


Contact and Booking:

1213 West 5th Street, Suite B1

Austin, TX 78703

Phone: (512) 469-0447



TEXT ONLY (512) 905-4959

I love what I do and I hope you do to!!!