Kristin Yarmer Hair » A Hairdresser for Austin, Texas

Before & After Gold & Copper


We added Gold and Copper to her hair while doing an all over glaze for the base as well. She wanted her hair to be warmed up a bit, soft and natural with a bit of pop. Her natural level of hair is that of a 6 with about 40% grey. She doesn’t just want those to be blended out so we chose to do a natural 6 glaze in a demi-permanent to blend those out. Around the sides of her hair we layed in a thick weave pattern but again in a natural way. We did this throughout her middle and saved the top for a different pattern. We placed the highlights in the same way that you would do for a piece look but I knew that the way her hair layed that it wouldn’t look chunky. I alternated the gold and copper for a soft effect that you could see but that isn’t too chunky. I love how warm and rich it is now. Her before photos were almost 100% her natural color and just very dull and washed out. I love what I do and I hope you do to!