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Travel Blog 2


Travel blog 2

10:34 pm


6:30am. I woke when I felt the bed shift, I opened my eyes and Ross had opened the door to the balcony to see the sun come up at Scuba Club Cozumel. He quickly came back to bed and that was my time to go grab some coffee, wake up, check in at the dive shop and wake him up for a day full of blue ocean, friends and cool fishes!


We set sail around 8:30 am and we were in the water as soon as we could be.


Dive 1


Easy. It was a very fun little drift dive. Not a lot to see in the water because there is a tropical storm headed our way, but really cool to work on buoyancy skills and just cruise with the water.


Dive 2


This is where it gets interesting! We all jumped into the water and there was an instantious joy! Fish were everywhere! I immediately swam into a school and tried the ol’ BOO technique. It’s really only funny to me and maybe my friends, but I will always get a kick. There was more coral and fish around that I had seen so far here in Cozumel. I was with our dive group and I saw Ross peeking hard at a piece of coral. At the bottom, where sharks, eels or crustaceans like to gather and he was looking with such intent. I signaled to ask what he was looking at and he signaled back “Lobster”. It must be huge so I swam over and there it was, a sunken treasure chest. A wooden box! Are you serious??? Did we just find a wooden box full of gold? I looked at him and made the “square” gesture and then he just gave me the push, go on hand movement. I am terrified of touching coral or anything near it but I bunkered down, put my hand in the sand and went for the little wood box.


It has a brass clasp, hook; closure and I gently opened it! Out popped a note! A note I recognized – from our typewriter! He typed out the proposal, laminated it, got a treasure chest and hid this from me the entire trip! I read the note, emotionally, 60ft below the surface and took out my breathing device and kissed him hard! We had a little slate so we could communicate under water and I said I wanted to go up now, but we didn’t. We kept diving. We wrote lovely things to one another and just kept hugging. He scribbled that “he called my father on Friday”, and I burst into tears.


We all surfaced and high fived and hugged everyone! It was a very loving moment!


Back to the room, here it goes:


Ross: Do you want to see it?

Kiki: No, I don’t want to see it on the computer, I’d rather wait to see it in real life

Ross: No baby, it’s here. It’s right behind you!

Kiki: What? Where?!!! Are you serious!!!!