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We arrived at Scuba Club Cozumel not to long ago, about 2 hours and I already feel such peace being near the ocean. Our room is huge, clean and very colorful! I finally have the pink room I’ve always wanted. I’m pretty sure Ross asked for the biggest nicest room they had available, he said he didn’t, but I don’t believe him. The entire back wall of our room is floor to celling windows with the ocean right hrere. We are far enough away from the cruise boats but the sure are cool to see. So big! (Glad I’m not on them).


We had a small bite to eat at the restaurant here. Some fresh guacamole, salsa and those handmade tortillas chips that you just cant stop eating! Can’t go wrong there. Add in a little michilada and fresh margarita and you already have a great start to a great vacation.


We then walked over to the front desk to see if our room was available for check in yet, and whom do we see?! Our best buds from Chicago Tom and Sue! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


I quickly unpacked and set up our gear for tomorrows diving. I am so beyond thrilled and excited to spend my birthday under the sea with my favorite human being on earth, the love of my life, Ross Phillips and our dearest friends that live just to dang far. So blessed to have all 3 of them here to celebrate my birthday with me and hopefully some cool dolphins will come say hi too! Let the travels and discovery begin!