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At years end my fiancé and I visited Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We spent Christmas in Paris and NYE in Amsterdam.

Of course the shopping and food were out of this world! I loved the cafes for people watching and a glass of bubbles mid day. I loved the effort and time everyone had put into themselves but in a very effortless way. I loved all the footsteps needed to get from one place to anther and I absolutely loved how friendly everyone was.

As a hairdresser, I am always scanning heads. I’m looking for new ideas, how to change someone’s look and things that just catch my eye that I have to say WTF to! In both countries I noticed something—– there was absolutely no punky colors around me at all. Not one head of pink, purple or blue! I didn’t see one young woman with false grey hair. The trends that are present in America are not present there! Women were just more natural in appearance. They wore less makeup, nice shoes and no one; I mean NO ONE wore pajamas out of the house!

My overall thought on Parisian beauty was this: