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Better Yourself! Go Team!



Change your way of thinking and better yourself! GO TEAM INDEED! Recently I watched a video from Nicole Arbour that spoke about chronic pain. If you don’t know who she is, look her up. She has been dealing with injuries for some time now and I love her outlook on life. Being injured as well, this just hit for me and I had to share.


The struggle is real and how we choose to let these struggles affect our lives is real as well. I choose to wake up every day and go kick ass and help inspire others as well, all while struggling with back, neck, leg and severe ankle injuries. I was told once the only way to stop my pain was to fuse bone fragments together, which would leave me with an immobile ankle. NO THANKS! I’ll take my limp from time to time. This sums up how to address your issues and work through them easier then any self help book I’ve ever read.



How to get through hard times in 4 easy steps

(My cliff notes from Nicole Arbour!)


  • Identify it, what the problem is

Attack the obstacle- go after it!


  • Deal with the fact its not going to be easy.

Awesome things take work


  • Stop with the pity party. Are you a victim or victor?


  • Every day get up, do the work, and cheer for everyone!!!!!

Motivate yourself by seeing others doing well.


This is how I view life and I hope you get something out of it too!


*If you would like to see her entire ‘Overcoming Tragedy’, here is a link.