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Before & After Beach Wave Blonde



Before & After from brassy grown out gross to beach sand blonde! I did some baby lights (fine to medium weave to resemble soft and natural highlights) on her natural color with 2 tones. Gold and platinum. Then I  did balayage on her ends with the same platinum blonde and Olaplex as well. Without the help of Olaplex there would’ve been no way I would have ran any bleach through those ends that had numerous amounts of previously highlighted hair. Thank you Olaplex! If you haven’t tried it, I can turn you into an Olaplex junkie! Her natural color is not too dark but dark enough that, due to the newborns, looked very dark because they were very very very grown out. We processed her for the proper amount of time then removed the foils and grabbed my violet base glaze to cancel out any hit of yellow that she had in her hair. Any time you lift through old color, lowlights and just natural color you have an underlying pigment of orange, yellow orange, yellow or pale yellow. This is when those glazes come in handy. They cancel out any unwanted brass and leave you with beautiful blonde tones that only mother nature herself could make. If you take it back to the old school color wheel theory we all know that purple/violet cancels out yellow. Blue cancels out orange and red cancels out green. As we, the professional hairdressers must do is know what underlying pigment we must cancel out to revel the beautiful tones that can be hidden there. No one, I mean NO ONE wants Mexican Orange hair. EEEEEKKKKKKK! I had a great time catching up with my friend and making her feel sexy and hot again with her super killer smoking hot sandy blonde hair!! Killer day on a killer babe!!! This mother of 2 newborn twin girls rules the roost!!!