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For the love of Bob

Austin-Hairdresser-_-Kristin-Yarmer-_-for the love of bobAustin-Hairdresser-_-Kristin-Yarmer-_-bob-+-balayage-+-blonde-Austin-Hairdresser-_-Kristin-Yarmer-_for the love of bob 1FOR THE LOVE OF BOB

He bob has been around for over 100 years! It dates back before World War 1. Long locks have always adorned women, for as long as I can recall. It starts at childhood. Our mothers and fathers see it as a sign of beauty. If you look at the past, as women gained confidence and independence, their hair became a little shorter and sassier.


I read that as early as 1922 a fashion correspondent of The Times had suggesting that bobbed hair was passé, but by the mid-1920s the style (in various versions,) was the dominant female hairstyle in the Western world.


In the 1960s, Vidal Sassoon made it popular again, using the shape of the early bob and making it more stylish in a simpler cut. Vidal was a British hairdresser, businessman, and philanthropist. He is credited with creating a simple geometric, “Bauhaus-inspired” hairstyle, called the wedge bob.



  • Asian bob: Cut at the neckline, bobbed up around the edge.
  • A-line bob: A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front, cut in an asymmetrical style.
  • Chin-length bob: Cut straight to the chin, with or without bangs.
  • Buzz cut bob: Where it is shoulder-length in the front and close-cropped at the back.
  • Shaggy bob: A messy bob layered with a razor
  • Shoulder-length bob: A blunt bob that reaches the shoulders and has very few layers.
  • Graduated bob/Shingle bob: It was introduced around 1923. It consists of a cut that is tapered very short in the back, exposing the hairline at the neck. The hair on the sides is formed into a single curl or point on each cheek.


I love this hairstyle; it looks great on everyone and is timeless! I would definitely say it is an Effortlessly Beautiful look.