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Travel Blog 3

Birthday card from my buddies!


Onsite scuba shop



Scuba gear drying, its everywhere around here!

travel-blog-scuba-gear-dryingWhere we sleep!


Travel Blog 3



Birthday 37 has made it! (I actually forgot because yesterday was so epic with the proposal)


Dive 1


Coral Rock Garden – We all had a lovely dive around 60ft in depth. We swam thru tunnels and crevices. We wove in and out of the rocks like a spinning loom for fabrics. It was very exhilarating and scary all at the same time. At 45 min I almost ran out of air by the completion time of the dive. Usually I have around 800-1200 psi still available. It was an adventourous dive. Not sure if I like yet, still too advanced for me.


Dive 2


We got lost. We got found.


Dive 3


Off the shore of Scuba Club Cozumel we dove around 17-20ft deep. Super fun dive! Tons of little fish and cool things left over from where hurricanes had demolished previous grounds. There was a pier that was under the water where I saw lobster, blue, black and white, yellow fish! They were all different sizes and shapes. Saw a giant puffer fish and a huge barracuda! That is one scary sucker for sure; I didn’t try to swim up to him at all.


Had a nice relaxing evening and now it is 9:41 and we’re off to sleep!