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Before and After Red





Today we did a before and after red refresh and pattern relocation on my sweet friend Katie. Katie and I go back to beauty school and she is a retired hairdresser. Now she is a busy mom of two, a schoolteacher, and badass wife so we don’t get to see each other very much. She decided she wanted to go ahead and come in for an overhaul. She had previous professional color that was very lackluster and grown out. She knows my work very well and just sits down and says, “Work your magic!” Such a delight to know that someone has that much trust and faith in your skills so I decided to do a fun pattern on her using bold deep cherry cola reds for her perimeter, intense pops of peek-a-boo blonde panels and a fiery red copper for her all over color. All of these tones play really well with one another give the best contrast and the best complimentary tones as well. I had so much fun giving her fiery hair and loved being able to have creative control as well. I love doing reds and coppers and do not have the opportunity to play with them as often. I love what I do and I hope you do too!