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Today I unpacked all of my belongings as I left my last salon, Waterstone, of 7 years to relocate to a new space that would let me grow even further. I plan on taking my career to the next level and I’m not sure what that looks like right this second but I can see the final outcome in the end. It will be a long, new, fun, and exciting journey with all sorts of probable hiccups and bumps along the way that I’m even looking forward to!


My feelings about leaving my last salon are very bitter sweet. One of my dearest life long friends owns the space and it will be so strange to not see her 5x a week. I have developed such wonderful relationships with my coworkers and not hearing their laughs every day defiantly yields a layer of sadness, but we all will move on. After all, we aren’t dead; we just aren’t under the same roof anymore.


I’m looking forward to the next journey and I’m so thankful to all my clients, friends, and family who are supporting me down this road. I’m scared and excited all wrapped up in a package! Good things have been happening and I can sense great things are just around the corner!


Thank you for being part of my family and I would like to introduce you to the newest member of my family:




For bookings you can do them via phone or online. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Phone (512) 469-0447

1213 West 5th Street, Suite B1

Austin, TX 78703


My prices will stay the same and if you need any further assistance, have any other questions, or want to just say hi, you can contact me anytime.

(512) 905-4959