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Haircut & Haircolor





Clair has the best haircolor and haircut to suit her lifestyle and needs. It’s just the right amount of everything in all the right spots. It had been awhile so we just gave her a cut today, about 2 inches off the entire thing. We kept her front fringe (bang) swoopy, soft, and sexy just like she likes it. It’s the perfect combo of professional and flirty all wrapped up in a nice little package. Her highlights were not done today, but we did do a refresher base bump about 1 week ago. A base bump does exactly like what it says it does, it bumps her base up about 1-1.5 levels so that she doesn’t have any harsh lines of demarcation as it grows out. A little trick of the trade to get you to your next color appointment so the root line doesn’t look like a skunk stripe. Ladies with blonde on blonde, even if it is a darker blonde base, this is essential for beautiful affordable maintained color. Claire’s got the best attitude and is smart as a whip! Love this woman and her golden blonde locks!