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Balayage Ombre





Balayage Ombre at its finest! Today I met Alicia and she had requested for her hair to be ombre style. She also needed her roots touched up as well. Her before photos is what she came in with and what she was asking for was very realistic. It’s so nice when people have real expectations for their hair and I know 100% that I can meet them. She had a bit of brightness already in the front section of her hair, so my main concern was getting those ends brightened up to match. Her entire back section of hair was pretty much one color. We touched up her new growth with a single process dark golden blonde and balayaged her ends with some lightner. We finished this off with a nice Olaplex treatment and gave her a smooth style out. We both were really happy and think it looks very sun kissed and natural.


I love what I do and I hope you do too!