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Warm Chocolate Blonde


Royal came in today and had very dark dark previous color on her hair. She has been a good girl and getting it professionally done so I was very aware of brand choice and frequency of her visits. When I met her she had light hair, if I can recall, and we took her dark after 1 or 2 visits. She has the most electric blue eyes and wearing her dark just makes them sing! After we went dark for a year or more she was ready for some lightness and after 2-4 visits we finally got her to the point where she had little to no maintenance. For her, she is a natural blonde and going dark is more maintenance than the other way around. Also ladies, heads up, if you are a natural blonde going darker when your hair grows back in it looks like you have floating roots! You will see this in her before picture. She is not thinning nor does she have thin her. Fine hair and a ton of it! So after awhile of being light it was back to dark and today she said she was ready to go light again. So the process continues. Let it begin! Now being that this is not her first rodeo she has been informed and is already aware that this is a process and might take 2-4 sessions again. We dove right in today after seeing a few inspiration photos. Being that color does not eat through color we chose to use  bleach as that is the only way to get light back into her hair. We did all over color, bleach with 20 vol developer highlights and just kept an eye on it. We rinsed and WOW did she get light. We towel dried her and applied a Gloss and Tone that is level 8 (med blonde) chocolate blonde. It turned out perfect. We both were so happy that we decided that we need only 1 more session to get even brighter blondes in the front but today is the perfect bridge color from all over damn near black to a soft golden blonde brown color. Aka Bronde. Looking forward to round 2 but this round was a hit!

I love what I do and I hope you do to!